10 Reasons to NOT Join a LifeGroup

God never intended for us to do life alone. But, for many different reasons, many of us are struggling to do just that. If that just struck a nerve, we’re willing to bet that we know why you’re NOT in a LifeGroup. Check out the list below and see if we’ve got you pegged, and if maybe we can change your mind. 😉

Who we kidding? Sign me up!
As a church, we’re still figuring it out, too! So, you’re in good company. Believe it or not, Jesus had a LifeGroup. There were 12 guys that He spent most of His time with for 3 ½ years. They traveled together, ate together, laughed together, prayed together, and lived life… you guessed it… together. That’s what this new LifeGroup model is all about, living life together.

New to LifeGroups: We’re making some major changes to how and why we do LifeGroups, with fellowship being at the core. Learn more by joining Matt and Zach for our Facebook Live announcement on August 24 at 7pm.

We get it– life is crazy. Time is always in short supply. Between work, kids, projects around the house, and Netflix (completely necessary!), life can feel chaotic. What’s crazy is that we have more free time than any generation before us. The problem is we pack our schedules with so much extra that life is exhausting, and adding something like a LifeGroup sounds daunting. Don’t let it scare you!

Our schedules are what we make them, and they reflect our priorities. Here’s the simple truth– we can’t do everything. But when we choose to share life with a LifeGroup, we know it’s a place we can be supported and encouraged! Our new LifeGroup model is something you’ll want to prioritize!

New to LifeGroups: Our new LifeGroup model is built for people like you… with crazy schedules in mind. Learn more by joining Matt and Zach for our Facebook Live announcement on August 24 at 7pm.

It’s ok if you miss a week, or two. This is your LifeGroup! They’ll love you like family (unless your family is nuts, then they’ll love you like friends) and will be excited to have you when you can be there!

You know that uncle that doesn’t usually show up to family events? When he finally does show up, he’s always welcome, and everyone is super glad to see him! Similarly, in LifeGroups, come when you can — you have a family that’s hoping to see you!

New to LifeGroups: In our new model, we want everyone to be in a LifeGroup, even if they can rarely or never attend. This way, they have a smaller community within the church to turn to in times of need. Can’t make it work? It’s okay… you still have a family praying for you! Learn more by joining Matt and Zach for our Facebook Live announcement on August 24 at 7pm.

Walking into the house of someone you don’t know is overwhelming, but trust me… you belong and your LifeGroup host will be thrilled to have you.

Still worried? Then don’t go alone! Go with a friend, or two; go with your spouse; bring your kids. If you do, you’re guaranteed to know at least one person! We’re all in the same boat, and get nervous, so just show up. You’ll be glad you did!

That’s a real possibility that happens sometimes, but not as much as you might think. Chemistry is important, and you might not hit it off with everyone. Here’s our promise: If you don’t like it, we’ll help you find one you will. The first four weeks are a trial period, where you haven’t committed yet. So, you should definitely give LifeGroups a chance!

The best part of ACC, and our LifeGroups, is the rich diversity of our community. We all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, which adds great perspective to what’s going in your life right now.

New to LifeGroups: The first four weeks of your attendance at a LifeGroup is more like a trial period, with no long-term commitment on your part. Participants can take their time to find a group that fits. Learn more by joining Matt and Zach for our Facebook Live announcement on August 24 at 7pm.

Wait, you think it costs something? It doesn’t. As far as your time is concerned, we’re confident you’ll get more out of LifeGroups than you put in.
Great, so do we! Because of this new model, kids are included. We want you to share life together. We can’t think of a better way to bring up the next generations than by including our kids in our spiritual lives. It’s cool for them to see us pray and talk about what matters.

Again, LifeGroups are like family. You wouldn’t have a family reunion and tell people not to bring their kids, right? LifeGroups are the same way.

New to LifeGroups: Our LifeGroups, for the most part, are family friendly. Our new model, when fully explained, is ideal for the whole crew. Learn more by joining Matt and Zach for our Facebook Live announcement on August 24 at 7pm.

That’s fine! There are a lot of people at ACC that haven’t become Partners yet. You don’t have to be a Partner to join a LifeGroup. How else do you know if you want to become a Partner unless you get to know people at ACC? LifeGroups are a great first step.
Technically, the disciples weren’t either. But they walked with Jesus and learned from him, and they changed the world because of Him. Even if you have no interest in faith at this point in your life, you’re welcome to come as you are because we love you… Just don’t be surprised if God starts working in your life.
We could always pick for you, but that’s scary, too. There’s probably a group in your neighborhood, or at a specific time that works best for you. Give us a call and we can help you find the right LifeGroup.
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