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    Names of God

    The Bible uses many names for God and each of them only begins to scratch the surface of how great God truly is! From his…

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  • 04/16/17 – 04/16/17

    Easter 2017

    He is Risen! Together we celebrated the resurrected Lord! Pastor Matt presents the case for Jesus’ resurrection just like a court case, so he can…

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  • 03/05/17 – 04/09/17


    In the story of Esther, the name of God isn’t mentioned a single time, but that doesn’t mean He’s not at work in the lives…

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  • 01/01/17 – 02/26/17


    Unstoppable…Equipping you to become unstoppable in your faith! Make a commitment to grow in your walk and relationship with Jesus in 2017. God has an…

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  • 12/04/16 – 12/24/16

    Unwrapping Christmas

    Join us this December as we unwrap the greatest of all Christmas presents: the gift of Jesus! This Advent-based sermon series focuses on the five…

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  • 10/30/16 – 11/27/16

    Counter Culture

    Christ has set us apart and, under His name, we have taken an identity that is foreign to this world, counter-culture. His name stands for…

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  • 09/04/16 – 10/23/16

    Four Cups

    What if God has had a plan for your life since the very beginning? Not just the beginning of your life, but from the foundations…

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  • 08/07/16 – 08/28/16


    The series, “Circles,” explores The Blessing of a Shared Life. Life Happens in Circles, not rows.

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  • 06/26/16 – 07/31/16


    In 2009, Apple created an add campaign called, “There’s an App for that.” 7 years later, that’s more true than ever. There’s an app for…

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  • 06/05/16 – 06/12/16

    Daring Faith

    There’s a huge difference between a preferential faith and the kind of faith that brings conviction. Do you trust God enough to “get into the…

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