Our Commitment to Safety

Your child’s safety is our top priority! We strive to make certain that all volunteers and staff are trained, screened, and have current background checks. We have numerous security measures in place to protect children and encourage parents and volunteers to adhere to ministry policies.

We Commit to the Following:


Secure Name Tags

At our KidPointe Kiosk, you will receive two security tags with matching numbers: a name tag for your child to wear and a parent tag, allowing only you to pick up your child. The security numbers are unique to each family and each visit to Arundel Christian Church.


Allergy Awareness and Communication

During your initial check-in process, we record all allergy information and include this information on the child's name tag each week. Additionally, we commit to posting planned meal/snack information outside of each ministry space so that parents can see if we plan to feed children ahead-of-time.


Safe Adult-to-Child Ratios

We understand that certain age groups require more or less supervision by capable adults. We seek to exceed the county's expectations on a weekly basis.


Thorough Screening and Background Checks

At all Sunday morning and Wednesday night events, we ensure that all adults working with children and youth have passed an initial screening process, including both reference checks and a criminal background check. During special events, when we require additional help, we continue to provide a safe environment by implementing special policies to ensure children are never alone with an adult.


Extensive Security Camera Coverage

Our building is equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system, including more than 40 cameras that record activity in all Family Ministry environments.


Staffing a Weekly Security Team

At ACC, we have a security team, called the Watch Team, which includes an on-duty Anne Arundel County Police Officer, that is in constant radio communication with our KidPointe and ReMIX ministry leaders. This team has been trained to handle problems, protect our secure areas, and ensure your child's safety.


Annual Fire Drill

Once a year, our Family Ministry team practices a fire drill during both service hours. This does not effect our main worship service, but does allow our children and volunteers to practice our strategic evacuation plan in case of an emergency.


COMING SOON - Code Adam and Active-Shooter Procedure

ACC's executive leadership and Watch Team are currently being trained and are developing a procedure for both missing children and any imminent threat to safety on our property.


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