“We are glad to be able to provide this help and consider it a gift of God to us as well as to you, in keeping with what the Bible says about God’s blessings in giving”… (2 Corinthians 9: 7-15).

Please be aware that we receive many requests for assistance and although we wish we could fill them all, we have limited funds and resources. Please also know that we are not able to respond to your request immediately. However, we will prayerfully consider and respond to all completed applications as soon as possible. Further, we commend you for living in such a way that your life can receive appropriate support from the community of faith.


In order for us to consider your request, we will need you to provide all the information that is asked on our application and most do so in person. In the event your application is approved, we will mail the payment directly to the company or business and we will inform you when we do so with a letter mailed or emailed directly to you.

Please Note that we do not provide cash or mail checks directly to any applicant. We check a lot of things when we review an application, and the fact that we are able to possibly help you is an encouragement to us as well as we hope it is to you. We also will need a valid Photo ID and phone number where you can be contacted or where we may be able to leave a message for you. Please do not call the church about your application unless we have left a message advising you to do so. However, if you have new or left out information that would be helpful to us, please call. We ask that, if we call you and leave a message, that you return the call as soon as possible. Any applicants whom we have contacted but have not returned our call in more then seven days will have their application discarded. You will then have to come in and fill out a new application. All information on assistance is kept confidential. Other then our Outreach Director and Benevolence Team no staff including Pastors are involved in the process of your application so please do not contact them. If you are seeking repeated assistance for longer-term financial issues, we need to know you are in regular attendance at some local church, and we may also require you to meet with one of our financial counselors (to whom we will refer you) so that we can help address the broader matters surrounding your financial needs. Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy or the financial counseling process.

After an interview in person is conducted with our Outreach Director and all information is verified, your application will then be given to the Benevolence Team. (False or Misleading information will result in an automatic denial of assistance) The Benevolence Team will meet to review submitted request, and this it could take up to 2 weeks for final decision based upon your application needs.


The Benevolence office is located at 710 Aquahart Rd, Glen Burnie (across from Brewster Ice Cream ). Located on the side of our building.

We are open on Monday and Tuesday 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM. Please bring with you an AA. Co Photo ID and your papers for what you are currently seeking help for and if you have received help or went to other sources please provide copies along with your application.


BGE, Water, Rent, Eviction, Motel/Hotel, Recovery Housing, Medical.


No Narcotic medications, cable of any type, internet. No security deposits for Cold Calls. Anything that brings financial profit to the individual or family-business ventures or investments. When someone one is unwilling to work. Needs for ones wanted by the law or paying fines as a result of breaking the law. Penalties relating to late payments or irresponsible actions. Private school fees or tuition or college. Personal loans. We shall not assist fugitives. If it is discovered that an applicant has an active arrest warrant, they will be denied assistance-unless they first turn themselves in. The team shall not post bail or approve payment for a bail bond of any kind.

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