September 9, 2018 – October 7, 2018


“…because I’m an adult.” Ever said or thought those four words? Oh, the freedom that comes with them! Why do I get to eat ice cream after 9 PM? “Because I’m an adult.” Why do I get to stay out as late as a I want? “Because I’m an adult.” Or maybe instead of inspiring freedom, they add a an extra weight to your load. Why do I have to pay all of these bills? “Because I’m an adult.” Why do I have to have all of this responsibility and make hard decisions? “Because I’m an adult.”

Let’s be honest, “adulting” has it’s fair share of perks and benefits, but it also has an equal amount of discomfort and tough decisions. But what do we want more? A little discomfort now for greater joy later? OR, do we want to settle for a little bit of joy with no effort? During this series we’ll discover “adulting” can be the realization that the joy and relief after we’ve taken a hard next step is greater than the opposition we’re feeling.