March 3, 2019 – March 17, 2019


In today’s society, it’s typically uncommon for churches to work WITH each other. Many share the same street and preach the same Gospel, but look at each other as competition. But we believe the church can unite towards a common purpose, just as the the original Church was designed. The Church can be unified and work together, creating a movement where thousands come to know Jesus, no matter what church building they enter. During “UnCOMMON” we’ll rally with different Glen Burnie pastors as they share how every follower of Christ is a part of this movement.

  • 3. Communion

    Today we continue our unCommon series with guest Paster Tim Byer from Faith Baptist Church

  • 2. unCOMMON

    Today as part of “UnCommon” series, we will see guest pastor Bishop Craig Coates from

  • 1. Prayer

    Today is the kickoff of our new series “unCommon” where we will have a series