• Heidi Mendez

    “I’m so thankful for a restored view of the church. Church is no longer a place that I go to hide, but I can go and be my authentic self.” Heidi Mendez

  • James Berger

    “From that point forward, it was a story of redemption… God has redeemed me and I’m so thankful.” James Berger

  • Sarah Speckhart

    “Jesus has become an unwavering source of strength.” Sarah Speckhart

  • Darlene

    “I was then in survival mode, I was existing but not living. I asked Jesus why He had left me, but He responded by saying ‘He never left me, I had just forgotten He was there.'” Darlene

  • Joe Hall

    “I wasn’t hurting anyone, but I started thinking this is not the life I want.” Joe Hall

  • Tamicah Jones

    “I used to think that to receive the love I had to give myself to everyone else.” Tamicah Jones

  • Karen Emery

    “I started to form a relationship with a kind and loving Jesus Christ that I know today as my Savior.” Karen Emery

  • Leah Shouse

    “Every valley of life is part of God’s plan…every high one and every low one.” Leah Shouse

  • Matt Ousdahl

    “The faith I had up to that moment was a borrowed faith…it was a reliance on my parents’ faith and not my own.” Matt Ousdahl

  • Kim Stafford

    One day a woman at my church said to me, “Are you going to allow the sin of your past to overshadow the grace of God? Do you think it’s too big for God to cover?” Kim Stafford