• Ben Speckhart

    “That was the moment I took responsibility for my faith…” -Ben Speckhart

  • Dustin Pead

    “It’s okay for Christians to struggle with stuff like [anxiety and depression]. It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.” Dustin Pead

  • Toni Sanger

    “Somewhere along the line I started to put the focus on me and what I could do to look, appear or seem more Christ-like, yet my heart was anything like Jesus. I spent most of my Christian life like that, but the Lord never gave up on me.” Toni Sanger

  • Gaile Steele

    “Each night I could remember telling God that I would be better the next day.” Gaile Steele

  • Jessica Cecil

    “It’s amazing how much I hated myself at one point, but now how thankful I am for this life because of Jesus.” Jessica Cecil

  • Cynthia Furst

    “I didn’t know Jesus was something more than religion.” Cynthia Furst

  • Tami Wiggins

    “I attempted suicide my senior year of high school. I felt like I had no hope. I felt like a failure. I felt like what is the purpose?” Tami Wiggins

  • Sarah Pead

    “I’ve had to learn I’m not perfect.” Sarah Pead

  • Paula McGunigale

    “I started to feel the weight lifting.” Paula McGunigale

  • Patrick Clawson

    Even in the midst of grief and losing his wife to illness, Patrick couldn’t help but draw closer and closer to Christ.