• Pam Chase

    “I wanted to know if God was real and if Jesus was who He said He was.” Pam Chase

  • Mitch Benedict

    “At the age of 16, I had a bit of an identity crisis.” Mitch Benedict

  • Kim Tackett

    “I knew there was a peace missing from my life…” Kim Tackett

  • Kim Rodriguez

    “It doesn’t matter if I’m halfway across the world, or across the street in my neighborhood, God has called me to tell people about Him.” Kim Rodriguez

  • John Stevens

    “Boldness doesn’t always come fast, but it does come when you put your faith in God and step out where He leads you.” John Stevens

  • Emma Benedict

    “You don’t have to have a big ‘come to Jesus moment’ in order for your story to be significant. Your story is still significant because you have Jesus in your life.” Emma Benedict