This year, God is calling Arundel Christian Church to our NEXT thing! We are embarking on a 5-month transformation, which will more fully prepare our facilities for our next 5 years of ministry (and beyond).

We have a shared vision… We long to see people transformed and released by the love of Jesus. And we believe that since this vision aligns with the heart of God, God’s blessings will rest upon us, and we, His people will respond by joyfully giving of our time, talents, and treasure to the work of the Lord.

While WE are the church, we want to take care of the building God has given us and ensure that it is optimized for accomplishing our God-given vision.

We no longer want ACC to be “Glen Burnie’s best kept secret.” How many times have you mentioned that ACC is “across from Bruster’s” only to get a blank stare in reply? Well, not any more.


Using a professional contractor, we plan to create a fresh look that intentionally removes the “boxiness” of our building, helping to draw people towards the warmth and life that happens inside every single day. This project will entail creating some new structural elements to increase visibility, and repair some parts of our current facade that are beginning to breakdown and fall apart.


Essentially, the exterior of our building is the same color that it was when we moved in 13.5 years ago — and it shows. While it desperately needs a fresh coat of paint, we also plan to update the colors to reflect the ACC brand and bring in a fresh new breath of life to the building for years to come.


We have never actually had our church name on the building, and are ready to change that. As our church is growing and more and more people are hearing about Arundel Christian Church through word-of-mouth… it is important that our community knows where we gather and that we are proudly a Christian Church.


We have been dealing with a failing roof and proper drainage in our Cafe for a couple of years now. While we have been careful to explore temporary fixes, we know that now is the right time to fix the problem permanently. While other work is being done to the outside structure of our building, this project should be done in coordination. While no one likes to give towards fixing roof, this is an area needed to take care of the building that God has blessed us with.


We’d love for worship to begin the moment you get out of your car! For this reason, we will be installing some ceiling-mounted speakers in the porch area so that music will be the second thing to greet you to ACC — after our incredible parking team of course!



One of our favorite projects will be to replace the sign that people currently pass as they drive on Aquahart Road. This new sign will be more than double the height of our current sign and will be highly visible at night as it is backlit. We have opted to forgo the installation of a new LED display, as this would have added an additional $65K to our final price tag.


As it sits, our current parking lot pavement is at the end of its lifespan. As we prepare to use our parking lot more and more with continued growth, it is important that we repair the holes, and put down a fresh reseal layer and new parking lines.


The fence that separates our property line from our neighbor (near the parking lot exit) is in dire need of repair. Since ACC does not own this fence, we feel it is important to install a tall privacy fence on the property line to ensure a better appearance for regulars and guests.



We are planning to replace the current Auditorium entrance with a Tech Booth that will run all sounds, lighting, projections, and video streaming. Having these team in one place (and actually in the Auditorium, as opposed to closed off booth) will allow for a much improved Sunday morning worship gathering. Where the booths are now? Those will be replaced by entrances into the Auditorium on both sides.


While much of the interior painting was completed during our season of quarantine, we have some important areas that still need to be completed… including the whole Auditorium!


The cameras that we are currently using for our Sunday morning streaming are at the end of their life-cycle and mostly obsolete from a repair/replacement perspective. Plus, with an upgrade, we will be able to provide an even better online experience for those who continue to feel safer worshiping with us online or from other parts of the world!


We are thrilled to be able to replace our old speaker system with a state-of-the-art upgrade at a fraction of the price for “new.” We have an opportunity to purchase a like-new slightly used system from another church for 64% off the original price! But we must hurry! It is helpful to understand that the speakers that we are currently using are nearing the end of their life span and are the same speakers that were in the building when we purchased it almost 14 years ago!


Part of these funds will also make some much needed tech upgrades possible.


Whether you are in the cafe, the restroom, or on your way up to KidPointe, we want you to be able to engage with worship and the message in the Auditorium. This new ceiling-mounted speaker system will allow either music or a live feed from in the Auditorium to go with you when you need to step out for a moment.


As all of our restrooms currently require touch in multiple ways (toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, and towels), we would like to upgrade these systems to protect from health and safety concerns. We plan to purchase and install high-quality systems to make visiting the restroom a bit more excellent.




This is the total of all three projects, plus an approximate 10% overage estimate for hidden and unexpected costs.

Join us!


First, we’re asking you to PRAY. Pray for Arundel Christian Church to raise all of the funds needed and for how God is leading you to participate.

Nothing of any good is accomplished apart from seeking God and being obedient to Him. He is the Master Builder. He is the supplier of every need. HE is the one who will accomplish this, and HE will get all the glory.

So, we invite you to pray and ask God how He would call you to participate.


God is leading us deeper into His presence, shaping us more into His likeness and revealing more of His heart to us. But just like cutting a new path in the wilderness or water wearing away the rocks to create new streams, there will be some parts of us that need to be chiseled and removed to clear the way.

We are excited to enter into the next five months (of the next five years) and need your help. On February 14th, we are asking all leaders, partners, and regular attenders to bring a pledge for a one-time gift, a 10-month weekly/monthly pledge, or both.

By faith, we are believing that we will raise the full amount we need.

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