No doubt, we’d love for you to be a part of ACC!

There are three ways to belong here, representing three levels of growth as you explore the church and your faith. Partnering with Arundel Christian Church is a significant step towards engaging in the life of the church. As you consider making ACC your church home, consider these three options:


All people are welcome to attend Arundel Christian Church and be a part of our ministries. This includes weekend services, LifeGroups, Growth Courses, and special events. ACC is a safe and loving place to explore a relationship with God no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.


This is where someone makes a commitment to really be a part of ACC at a deeper level — speaking into the life of the church and allowing the church to speak into him or her. Partners agree to embrace discipleship through working towards our 5 Catalysts:  Worship Regularly, Connect Relationally, Grow Personally, Serve Sacrificially, and Give Generously. Additionally, those who have partnered with ACC enjoy certain benefits within the church.


While many of ACC’s volunteer roles are open to anyone in the church, specific roles in each ministry require being part of the Leadership Team, because volunteers who serve in these areas represent the church through leadership, teaching, and/or providing spiritual guidance for others.

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